My name is Karla García, musician, teacher and music producer from Castro a town on the Chilean Island of Chiloé.

Since I was very young I started doing music by putting some cans together and imagining that those were drums so I would play around imagining that I was playing for other people. Later at some point my mom gave me a small toy guitar and my obsession with that was so intense that my mom decided to put me in a group guitar lesson. I was eight years old and learning guitar was so difficult because it was tough to learn in a group, and at that time my mom probably did not have the money, to put me in private lessons…after a while, I stopped playing guitar because I thought “well if the guitar it is just A, E and D chords then I prefer to quit this is too boring for me”…and I quit for a while…

I was 13 years old when my life changed. I heard a friend of mine playing “Come as you Are” by Nirvana, and since then I haven’t stopped playing… my guitar was hanging in a wall until I saw this guy playing that song…later I re learned the guitar completely by myself, and with friends, I was in love with the instrument, so after school I will get home and play guitar along with watching MTV …

At 19 I made the decision of dedicating my life to music, which was not easy BECAUSE being a musician is basically not an option in a world where you have to earn a lot of money, get good qualifications, etc. basically being “standard”…thank god my mom believed in me and she let me study what I wanted even though I had no clue about what I was doing as I did not know that I would study classical guitar, and I will enter into a Conservatory of Music where my perspective of music will change completely…

I studied for many years, and yes I have to admit, I was not very happy while studying classical guitar, for many reasons, the first is because I did not have a normal life, by spending hours practicing guitar, and maybe loosing many experiences. I was having an extemporaneous life. At the same time I appreciate the opportunity of that because I also learned a lot… 

When I finished the career a feeling of emptiness came to me, what I would do now with this? I wasn’t being creative, and this was something that I needed so much… in 2016 I moved to Canada, and here I learned to reconnect with that Karla that was creative, and free of doing whatever she wants with music..since then I have been producing and composing my music which brings so much joy to my life…

In 2020 I won a grant given by Toronto Arts Council,  after 3 years of trying and that allowed me to study music production with music producer, engineer Lisa Patterson. Thank to this opportunity now I can release my first single “De Sur a Norte” which is a song that speaks about my experience and feelings of being an immigrant, and how exciting and challenging at the same time this can be.

I invite you to listen to my single in all platforms 🙂 and stay tuned because more is to come 🙂

Also, check what people says about my lessons 🎶🎶🎶

What People Say

Karla is amazing – so patient and knowledgeable! As a beginner, she makes learning classical guitar fun. I really enjoy my lessons, and plan on taking many more :).

Jessica Alvarez

Good lesson. I appreciate the assignments you create based upon areas in which I need to improve. Thank you!.

Ken Emo

She is extremely patient and takes her time with you — just like a teacher! She taught me some fundamentals like techniques to get clear notes from my ukulele and different ways to play some chords. I also started practicing one of my favorite songs. I would highly recommend ~.


Listen to my first single “De Sur a Norte”.

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