Enjoy music lessons that are tailor-made for you, your playing level, and what you desire to learn

You can pick songs you like and decide if you want to read notes and scores, different playing styles like pop, rock, classical, etc.

Whatever it is, I am here to support you in reaching your musical goals.

You can learn from me via live online lessons either via

My online music school
The Lessonface platform


While in Lessonface you can purchase your lessons in USD, in Island of Music you can do it in CAD. That is the only difference between them. So if you are located in the US I recommend you use Lessonface and if you are located in Canada then use Island of Music to purchase your lessons 😊.

It has been a year since I started taking lessons from Karla and I have made tremendous progress.

I went from not knowing anything about the guitar to learning and understanding theory, technique and how to read and play music well.

Karla creates a lesson plan for each session and focuses on improving a particular skill every time. She preaches good technique as that is the basis to be a good player.

She will teach you at your own pace to ensure you are grasping the material well. She will adjust based on how you’re progressing and will give you the tools to get better.

She is very reliable, patient, and very knowledgeable. She can help you play any song you want by teaching you the proper chords.

Her online classes are just as productive as if it were in person. You will not miss a beat!

Overall, you cannot find a better teacher than Karla. She will teach you everything she knows.

You will notice the difference in no time and will become a more confident guitar player. I’m looking forward to continue learning and becoming a great classical guitar player.

“I’ve spent a few years learning the classical guitar by myself without a teacher following various methods and was able to play pieces around level 3.

At some point I’ve found that I couldn’t progress anymore and I’ve decided to continue with a teacher. Long story – short, I’ve found Karla and couldn’t be happier about my decision.

She is simply great – patient, knowledgable, and very passionate about the guitar! She’d see all the little (and bigger) mistakes I’d make and tailor specific exercises in order to correct them.

I’m very excited about my progress since I’ve started taking lessons with her and looking forward to keep learning”.
– Dimiter

“I tried learning guitar taking different classes but they were not helpful at all, until I found Karla. She is truly fantastic and pays so much attention to the details.

Her method is highly systematic but it is a lot of fun to follow.

Karla is an extremely patient instructor and adapts the level and speed of her teaching based on her student’s progress. I would strongly recommend her as she is simply the best!”
– Kay

“Karla is amazing – so patient and knowledgeable! As a beginner, she makes learning classical guitar fun. I really enjoy my lessons, and plan on taking many more :)”
– Jessica

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